Training your CI Analyst

Having access to a database does not guarantee accurate information. We can train your in-house Analysts to know what to look for, how to obtain the information legitmately and how to interpret conflicting information.

Courses range from one to three days.

Tailored Courses

We offer customised courses to train your in-house CI Analysts.

The syllabus is developed specifically to your requirements and can include topics such as:

  • Introduction to CI
  • The difference bewtween data, information and intelligence
  • Individuals (Identifiaction and associations)
  • Types and forms of business enterprises
  • Types and forms of properties
  • Risk management
  • Interpreting data
  • Relevant legistlation
  • Effective searching

In-house Advice

Wanting to set-up your own in-house CI desk?

We also advise on setting up an inhouse CI capability, data availability, which databases to subscribe to that match your exact requirements,  how to select a CI Analyst, etc.