We conduct each assignment with professionalism and confidentiality. An essential tool in our investigations is information technology, which we use for systematic collection, analysis and presentation of information.

All our enquiries are performed within the ambit of applicable legistlation, including the National Credit Act (No 35 of 2005) and Regulations thereto.

Investigative Due Diligence Reports 

The collection and analysis of data concerning the trustworthiness and business conduct of companies and individuals with whom business relations are planned or already exist.

Supplier Vetting

This assists our clients in selecting business partners who adhere to workplace standards and business practices that are consistent with their organisations code of conduct. This includes verifications made regarding size of operation, trading history, controlling parties, related organisations and the like.

Background Reports

The provision of basic background reports incudes checks on entities and individuals for investigative support, utilising our online databases.

Lifestyle Audits

Does the lifestyle of your employee match his income? Expensive cars and houses not supportable by their known salary may be an indication of bribes, kickbacks, theft or fraud.We conduct probity investigations on individuals with the emphasis on the identification of assets.

Verification Services

This concentrates exclusively on verifying the personal credentials and qualifications of individuals. This includes a service to check for criminal records via electronic fingerprints.

Pre-Employment Screening

Curriculum vitae fraud and identity theft have assumed critical proportions in South Africa. The accurate independent verification of information supplied on employment applications is now more important than ever before. We conduct impartial probity investigations on prospective employees without violating their privacy. We help you base your hiring decisions on facts, not on job seekers representations.